Landscaping and Maintenance

As professional landscapers we stay up to date with the latest landscaping ideas and garden trends and can tailor make any landscape design to suit our client’s individual tastes and services they may require.  

We offer:

• Landscaping design,  installation and maintenance
• Irrigation
• Rain water harvesting
• Compost, lawn dressing, fertilizer, and pest control
• Custom order of pots

Full garden maintenance to suit your needs: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

Consultancy service:

You can choose to install the garden yourself, or have us implement for you. You can install all at once or in stages, as your budget allows.

The landscaping advice will deal with those tricky issues, which often end up costing a lot of money:

• how to minimise water usage by grouping plants based on water requirements
• how to introduce more succulents and indigenous plants into your garden
• which plants to place in the front and which in the back;
• which plants like sun and which like shade;
• which plants are wind-sensitive and which are not;
• which trees are suited to small gardens;
• which trees have invasive root systems that are likely to damage foundations;
• which trees and plants will attract bird and insect life;
• how many of each plant is needed, and
• how to prepare the flower beds, including what to add to the soil.

Alien Invasive Species identification and guidelines on removal and rehabilitation. Consultancy fee depends on size of property and distance from Knysna.

Important Info: 
If you spend more than R20, 000  on the  construction of garden, you will receive half of your design fee back as a discount. If you spend R50 000 or more construction of garden you will receive your whole design fee back as a discount.
* The fee for 2019-20 is R1 250  within a radius of 10km  Out of town consultations will cost R1 500 plus travel cost.  Prices are adjusted on 1 August each year.